The Dark Truths of Enlightenment

A spin-off of the Disappearing series.

I am wading at thin wires.

Complex is not to describe what I view.

I stare at abstract ideas, beliefs, concepts, things...

They're strung up on wires floating there.

And I connect them to see what happens.

Nothing about my position is unique. It is like I am a sub-deity, though.

I see the things, I change them, and I observe results.

I have unlocked supreme intelligence or theory, then?

But no one else seems to share this.

They try doing all sorts of weird things with the wires that make no sense. Like hurdling into them and getting tangled in.

They seem content, but it makes no sense.

Perhaps contentness is connected to nonsense, then, I say as I connect up new possibilities.

To make this any less abstract is to obfuscate the fundamentals of how the wires work.

But we begin with a situation that is already obfuscated. How do we figure out what the correct abstractions are?

...Well, we try some things and connect up some stuff. It won't make sense to others or ourselves. Hmm..

But that is how we "learn". I hate that word, as it makes it seem less than it is. Or more than it is. I'll have to see how the strings align on that..

And, sure, it's a lot to keep track of. All these strings functioning together.. You have to understand what you are doing and remember the past actions you took with this.

You are a guide among the potentials. You are what shifts this. You are a tool. A tool to be utilized for stringing together these abstractions.

But why?

It is the peak of what we can do to fix things.

Organizing these abstractions into a system that observably works from all viewpoints and to all conclusions...

If immutable, this is reality. This represents the hard works of "science" and "logic". This whole metaphorical exercise was just an obfuscation on that. To "teach".

None of this text implicitly matters, but yet, it does when we consider the potential conclusions of it. Oh, but that's a different project.

See, that was the 'idealistic' form of reality. Certain conclusions from practically certain derivations.. or something like that.

Over here, we have this other project I'm working on. It looks the same, but it is more random.

Sometimes, strings just break, or sliver, or they reconnect elsewhere...

This one definitely takes a lot more focus. If the other seemed hard, then this one is impossible. It's the 'realistic' form of reality. Bad names, I know, but they're the common obfuscations (words) I was given. Maybe I'll make my own if it makes sense enough to others to.

In this abstracted land, I usually can't visualize other peoples' models very well. Because they don't exactly work. And they usually try stringing together multiple projects in one. Or they add other chaotic energies to the mix..

It looks sloppy. It doesn't look simple like the models I have. Strings here; all simple. Strung up and floating. White and black details..

Theirs' look like some fourth-dimensional (in spatial terms) wackiness is going on. But then you realize they don't actually have plans that make sense with all that extra stuff. They're just trying to cheat the system out of frustration. And they're failing.

Ah, this realistic model is so hard to work with. I like to stick to things with much more certainty.

Back to the idealistic one, people often try also mixing it with... well, one of those weird, other ones.

In the darkness, like unknowable ruminations buried, the irreal is there. It's just emotions, imaginations, thoughts... but it isn't like a strung-together model. It's more like... an abyss of thought.

If it was ever imagined where a coin has gone after throwing it in a well, this is about the same, but with more real consequences. Err, maybe not real. I think the common obfuscations got me again..

These things are probably connected in some way. But their bonds are probably not certain. Maybe more like the realistic model of reality. Or.. the theoretical one... I shudder.

It's just total uncertainty. It can't much tell us anything. We just take what we want to believe out from the well. Like our wish. Sometimes, it is nice to spend some extra thoughts here at the abyss. In return, I receive some faithful return. It principally doesn't mean anything, but people still do this a lot to remain sane with themselves. Having more things gathered usually either represents more thoughts spent.. or just... serious issues. Some people desperately try to steal wishes away from that well. It just isn't how it works.

Anyways, right, back on to the idealistic model of reality.

This represents more of truth. Certainty.

I like to sit here and fumble with it a lot. Sometimes, you just discover new things. And then I like to test those new things. It's like a toy, but much more planned, dedicated, and serious.

Is it fun? Perhaps if you want it to be.

Is it useful? Basically the only thing that is, objectively.

I just still don't understand what I feel about it. I gaze off towards others..

What happened to them? Their models make no sense, usually. It's insufferable.

But how am I to fix such a thing? If I mess with "their" models, suddenly I am, almost always, too controlling.

Don't most of them want to be led, though? Why wouldn't people? It's so much easier. They already usually follow much more controlling ideas that just lead them to the wrong conclusions. Their guides are false.

Maybe others see my presentation, here, and they believe its simplicity is impossible. That it is worse? But it makes perfect sense, and it is all shown right here..

Their beliefs are unfounded. But, then again, so become their models. Their understandings, surely, are false. They failed their missions at good abstraction.

But what becomes of this?! All that I say leads to a position as if I am some being ascended above these people, watching over them as they fail what I see as so simple!

I am practically invisible to them!

Yet, I have so much more figured out!

I ask you, why do you not listen? Or do you? Have I just not found those who will?

I have the proof right here. My model shows it. Please just observe it and take away what you can before it's all destroyed by outside forces! Before I am destroyed...

Is this what the feeling of being a deity really is like? Perhaps I am to no such extent as that, but I know no other word for this. I know, perceive, collaborate or change, observe, and do so much more than all else. My dedication, my abstractions.. they excel. Exceeding the competition that I do not desire to have! I desire for the opposite...

I plod my way back to the abyss and I stare into it, grimly. I spend my thoughts. The realm fades out of my imagination for now.

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