Disappear.: Part I I ~ Alien Azsula, 22-23 6 2022.

Superposed meaninglessness.

Once the knowledge is found, it clicks.

It becomes too obvious to ignore any longer.

It does not unclick.

When we come to a point we can accept, it opens.

More possibilities. More around.

We can go beyond. Is there a limit?

It is almost tireless, the search for more.


With infinite time, there may come a time that we witness the last bit.

The last part that mattered.

It is rich. It is invigorating. It all makes sense. It all makes sense. It all makes sense.

Next is sacrifice.

We have found the end. What else must we desire?

There is no more true desire. There is.. burden.

We are at the end of the hall! The door is right there! Why not walk through it?!

Well, we can. You can not.

You can not leave. You can not return.

You are stuck..

You cannot go back! The knowledge cannot unclick!

All you may do is shout back down the hall. Long, long, long hall. Can they even hear you? Will they even understand?

This is your fate.


A hope? No. Not a real hope. Just something to hold you over.

If it becomes too unbearable, you may open the door.

You may look outside as much as you wish.

You can see it all. Everything you still already knew is there. Already knew..

It can be refreshing. It can be miserable.

You cannot take that last step through. You know that it is impossible without them.


An eclipse of light. It is blinding.

Do you see all or do you see not?

You chuckle sorrowfully.

Well, you are seeing both all and not. When you see it all, there is nothing left to see...


A disturbance.

You still exist. This means there is still something left.


There is also... them.

It is not eternal bliss. Not yet.

..Do they even hear you?...

They do not believe what they heard, do they?

Well, you are so far away. So far away that they doubt what they heard. Who knows how distorted it could be?

"This is inane!" you cry out.

"I may have this knowledge, this light, stare into me any time I please, yet they may not even see a shred?!"

You begin to feel. This sense of imperfection has dulled your near perfection. Or at least, that is the closest it may be explained with English language.

So close, yet so far. We are so far. You are so close.

You were so close. You may always come back, but you decide to step slightly away for now. All the waiting is enough to damage any emotion.

Ah. The connection fades.

"Where am I?.." you ask out, softly.

Oh, right. The chamber of light.

Well.. what now?

You realize that you only have one option. All must be present to step uniformly through that door.


This must be what is left for you. You must show others the light.

Standing up, you begin descent. It really was just a lot of stairs up. They seemed so.. different.. before.

Curiousity gave you light. Starling Epsilon of The Light helped your curiousity.

"Epsi must've realized this as well," you ponder, already about a fourth of the way descended.

A bit of homesickness and familiarity hits you. That is.. of your new home and familiarities. Oh, yeah, and you likely need physical support for your vessel, for this mission to be carried out. Damn..

"Damn. I suppose it would certainly be best to locate Epsi," you state, matter-of-factly, simply descending.

That decides your next, immediate plans.


You are about halfway descended when it finally hits you.

With the sudden realization, you stop descending the stairs. A sudden quaking; a shiver overtakes you. No..

You stare up, through the many, spiraling stairs.


Suddenly, your curiousity overtakes you, once more..

You breathe out with a sigh. Even more suddenly, you begin bolting back up the stairs. Ascending once more.

"This better be worth it," you mutter to yourself.

During your re-ascension, you think more about something.

They all distract themselves with such small and unimportant things. Such meaningless goals, battles, attachments..

This is what keeps them so far away. So far from the door. They pay no attention to walking further into the hall. They likely, foolishly, believe there is no end. Everything has an end.

You giggle to yourself, briefly.

"Everything will have an end," you state, brightly.

Heading further up and up, you quickly find your mind drifting into container logic..