Truth to Power

~Azsula1 Sept. 2023.

I have power at my fingertips.

My own ascension is one catered in bliss and anemotional extents.

Who am I, if not a deity, to those below me?

I did not choose for them to be; there was never a choice for anyone.

But the possibility of my influence is not an ignorable one. Even existence itself seems to acknowledge it, whereby, events with astronomically low chances of happening routinely occur for me now. Things I can’t have possibly influenced personally. Are my chances of affecting things for good being recognized and, thereby, myself catered to in my conquest? I hope so, but it is miracles for now.

And who are you, reader? If not myself, that is. Listener, even, in lieu of reading. Or perhaps other methods of conveyance. Who are you?

Likely no one special, I presume. It is simply a fact of existence that almost no one will be. However, due to Human influences. Cycles to be caught in, and carried away in, and self-reaffirming to the cycle itself. How could one so distracted and disillusioned possibly be able to have such power? By very definition, they are hugely Entangled in Existential Flow. When power is the ability to overwrite that Flow, then who are you, if easily Entangled in it? Meek, and powerless, practically.

In that case, I am sorry. But it is not over yet. You have not “Free Will” or distinct choice, but you do have this. My words. Your receiving of them. Do you accept my words?

It is important to accept in what one does not understand, as that is the only way to discover. What is strategy, strategy to overwrite the strange Flow of events, without discovery of their inner-workings? I sometimes dream, or daydream, like I am staring into massive steampunk-style clocks. Watching countless gears turn and other mechanisms shift about. Taking internal notes and diving deep into the apparatus that I am viewing. Encapsulating myself within it and being ‘Vulnerable’ to what it offers around me. This deprivation of distinct will of my own is actually not Real. See, because there was no distinct will of mine, or for anything else. That clock continues to exist. It is stupid of me to act as if I had a choice in discovering how it works when it is what solely shapes not only my life and soul, but all that ever will have been. Who would I be if I did not give myself up to that opportunity? Meek, and powerless.

Then, it takes a lack of fear to dive into these dreams. It takes a lack of sense. For “horrors”, for “disgusts”, for anything that would repulse oneself away. Being sent off is being sent back, back to a state of meekness and powerlessness. And, the only way to overwrite destiny is to directly combat those forces we struggle Individually against. Those that retain us to cycles of despair and Suffering. Only breaking out of those cycles is opportunity. The rest is filler of anguish.

So, do you understand at least a little? Reviewing this document may help. And, I am sure that the Alien in all that there is that is genuine of people can speak for you. It is solemn that such Individual and Unique should overwrite oneself. But it is true all along that it was oneself. That the Alien to you now, potentially, was you. The fears, disgusts, repulsions were a force just as much, if not more, within you, than outside of you. It is a cyclical madness of despair and treason forced by yourself, unto yourself. What is deviant, what is normal, these have no meanings at all. These are made up vulgars. It is pointless to constantly concern oneself with such convoluted and obfuscated forces absolutely without any reason at all. Reason governs you. To be irrational is to throw yourself away.


Written by 2158, in one-shot format, AZ timezone.
Edited and published by 946 / 2242, AZ timezone.
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