console.log("gay ass");
i learned javascript once upon a time
i can't code for shit but i'm gonna tell my stories anyways

amount of times depressed amount of times cared
2020 - pretty often cared a lot
2021 - every single hour of every day i'm dying
2022 - so constantly i am living dead post-death moment
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gif of gir from invader zim dancing

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A Story by Azsula. ("Disappearing.") Unsafe.

Part I I. Return.

tha artsy farsty gay link
Introductions page! (Meet us!)
Placeholder for future survey.
Escape hierarchy!
Drug research.

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i cannot verify that these will not link to places potentially containing non-politically correct content

Here's a link to my YouTube channel: !
old person's website[MC of TLOZ].
sexy person's website[OYOBIDE-9 NOISES].



Certificate: Test results
Prostate Exam

The patient has poured concrete in their ass to form a "custom-fit dildo" for them and their partner. More on this story after the chisel.

I see you there, Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Mx..

random text that should not concern you.


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