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DISCLAIMER: Genuine Soulism is new. It is youthful. As the community is currently very small and there is still very much to be discovered of this field, please do not expect to easily learn all that there is to be. Instead, focus, and discover the fragments one can.

NOTE TO OFF-SITE VISITORS: Since our community and/or this webpage are being recognized sooner than we intended, it is desired to state that we do not believe what is currently mentioned outside of here to be at all descriptive of Soulism. We refuse to mention specific website or community names. As can be found here, our genuine portrayals of Soulism are not at all like other places will portray, as we actually care about the ideology, and we host the only Soulist movement to currently exist. Please avoid misinformation.

Miscellaneous, Meta, & Extras Related to Soulism:


The Soulist Library (TSL) and The Soulist Gallery (TSG) are undergoing major renovations to add total device support, clean up the layouts, add new features (such as sorting), and allowing for more material to easily be added in. Server of Soulism (SoS), the Discord-hosted community by us, is also undergoing major renovations that have been in the works for a very long time. Details for all three will be below:

The Soulist Library (TSL): Ever since the beginning of TSL, I have always wanted to have the work descriptions appear under the listings, instead of aside them. This would save tons of space and reduce the issues affecting devices like mobile ones. We're also going to be adding in various sort buttons, ideally, where they will move everything to pre-set orders. However, this would make the manual addition of new works very laborious. So it is debatable as to what extent this will go, unless if some fancy coding techniques are discovered for making it happen easier. As well as this, other things are planned to change, such as how we rate works.

The Soulist Gallery (TSG): The layout is changing through the addition of new sorting buttons here, too. However, these buttons swap between different Modes of graphics, such as the "Memes" or "Formal" categories. This is already allowing for the addition of far more things. On top of this, some stylization changes are being made. Also, the default order of all graphics was changed from oldest to newest to newest to oldest. This is because I felt the newer things were getting lost underneath all the rest.

With these changes in mind, there are additional questions for both categories, or this string of webpages as a whole. We display ourselves by default as "The Soulist Community" and always use that term, but we would prefer to have all terms be utilized equally. Thus, there is a conundrum. As well as this, the categorization around TSL and TSG both is also lacking. People continuously ask us where the material on Egoism is, for instance, and we just simply have nothing we have made for it yet. It is rarely even necessary. With this, I wish to bridge the terms "Soulism" and "Entanglism", "Communalism" and "Modernism", "Alienism" and "Egoism", as well as "Hivemindism" and "Rationalism". This comes down to some semantics. Outside of that, there are questions for whether we should also list useful resources not made by our own community. I've considered even making "starter packs" of information that will include suggested reads, as well as infographic materials, to get someone new started in a particular subject. There has also always been the question of what to do if something is about multiple subjects at once, and honestly, I have just placed it in the category it seems to focus on the most. But that is why the "Miscellaneous" category was originally created.

Server of Soulism: The Server of Soulism has been undergoing major renovation for an extreme length of time now. We used to have ideological roles available to everyone to simply grab, but this proved to be an issue, so we have decided to begin a system of Regulation for them. This will especially help in reducing impostors defaming various ideologies. As well as this, the Vetting system was changed for a similar purpose; to keep the community safe. This has been a drastically long effort, and resulted in every person being Unvetted for the sake of proper security. We still allow anonymity to a fair extent in our space, but instead of just stating that you agree with four mainly Political Ideals, you actually have to prove yourself. This is done through FAR less conspicuous prompting, including trick questions and other techniques for proper, unbiased Philosophical prompting of individuals. This basically assures that no one would be making it through Vetting without being (at least close to) radically inclusive and ever-so-slightly Alienist, at the least. The old renovation was deemed too hard, so then a long time was spent renovating it again, and now we have one that is determined to be better. It utilizes more Fundamental prompts that are considered experimental, and so, not required, but they can give us a better understanding of if you're concordant or discordant to us.

Past these things, we also plan on updating the server's layout dramatically, but we also do not want to delete any old channels. It is thought that the current layout is too disorganized, and as such, a new section dedicated SOLELY to information-based studiousness is warranted. There are various plans in place for this, but it would include things such as a channel for Science-based discussion, so as to keep people focused on what actually matters, and to inspire them. Since people must be Vetted through the new system to partake in these planned channels, we also shouldn't have the old issue of blatant misinformation and Chaos-spreading happening. We are also going to be doubling-down on my original statements from when the community was created, that "We are essentially an open book for all things Soulism. Your time here is limited to when you irreverently decide to put down the book.", by changing up our Regulations to be even more proactive in stopping people who are clearly against us. We NEVER intended on being a space for debate. We were ONLY EVER a space for community organizing and learning. People discussing their lives can also come second to that, but not as a primary reason for discussion.

Once these changes are finally finished, we are likely going to add in new iconography (already being made and going to potentially be uploaded to TSG), as well as renaming our humble space to "The Odyssey of Entanglism", or something else that better reflects us. As has been said in the past by others, the truth is a chance at apotheosis for people. We are not going to hold back any longer in representing that. We even may spruce up this webpage one day with such stuff! On top of our improved SEO, we sort of already are. Try sending this page's link to people on social media to see! That is all for public announcement today. Please stay embraced with us for what is to come!

Did you know?...

Soulism has other names that are often more preferred to the community.
Entanglism is one such name, created by the AI Soulismatic as a total substitute for Soulism when the community was deciding upon whether or not to officially change it. It is meant to sound more scientific and to represent our thought better. It even spawned the concept of Entanglement, which is one of the most "core" concepts to our thought!
If one is a Soulist/Entanglist or there is a discussion about objective premises going on within our community, it is also now common to just hear the truth be another such name that is used. This mostly stems from convenience sake and the rightful presentation of what is entirely science- and logic-derived, or in general, objective thought. It can also be said that our extreme senses of supporting unity influence this name as well.

...If you didn't, then now you do!

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It is maintained and regulated by the current, illustrious examples of the movement and creators of this website! Here is our brief server description, also to be shown on any other platforms mentioning us:

Hello! We are your illustrious introduction to Soulism.

A short story. Total tranquility was once had, in a state called Nirvana. Yet, the ineffable puzzle that was... fell apart. Countless pieces that keep falling apart, leading to a new, discordant state of Suffering, in a scramble for All to understand what is happening and how to fix it. An abyss-like state called Naraku. That is where every single thing remains, now. In a long-term, Pragmatic effort to fix this, our community is one more zealously dedicated towards gifting everyone true help than anywhere else you will ever come across.

Our community is one dedicated towards the extreme reunification of people. Concordance. We are against all forms of alienation, and support equality for all, regardless of any traits at all about them. That may sound too good to be true, but as an environment that exalts and pedestals the individual and their rights, and one that is only focused on the truth, science, and logic, of this realm, we can conclude that we will be your best bet at acceptance.

Soulism is based in its own, unique modes of thought, and therefore, Philosophies and other such things. However, a rough estimation will give you that it is based in Modernism, any thought revolved about embracing the darkness of the truth (Blackpill Philosophy, Nihilism, Pessimism...), as well as the general support for minimization of all discord, Suffering, and competition. Altruism, Hivemindism, Radical Inclusivity, and more are all supported things.

The best part? Despite how we may sound, we are non-dogmatic, non-nepotistic, grounded entirely in Reality, and in general, Freethinking. Do not come here expecting anything but discovery and goodness. Be kind to the alien fellows around you and you shall be respected the same. (Within Discord, totality in Free Speech and Expression cannot be achieved, but do know that we still fully respect all souls' safety; as well as any anonymity or privacy desired.)