965 AZ DT, 22 July 2022, Azsulaćƒ¼I believe I have finally figured out what direction I want to take with designing our website, and I believe the others will agree with me on this decision.

So we have ordinary, real, basic, and grainy things overlayed with tons of bright, imaginative, yet simple, contrasting color objects that are obviously fake. Words are primitive and oversimplified, and almost look out of place. It is never finished and maybe has some wacky shapes and tracers, fine enough to cause seizures. This is how I want everything. I'll even add in my alien expressions with some old Mac programs from 00s/early 10s! LITERALLY NOTHING MAKES SENSE AND IS SO UNFAMILIAR YET FUN AND PLAYFUL. Sometimes terrifying as fuck!

I see marquees as a here-and-there situation, as the Wii vibe illicits this weird sense of stillness in imagery, despite portraying travel or moving. However, things moving is essential to 90s and 00s web, so I am unsure what to do about that.

I think this seems pretty cool, and I am going to be trying to implement this into our website in the near future! (I already began with the background of this page being lilac-colored concrete.) There may even be some cool, recurring characters you see around! Ooh!

Edit: I also wanted to mention that I think it would be awesome to merge the 00s web aesthetic of 'links blending into the environment of the page' with the Wii's 'stillness'! Instead of obviously fake links hidden around, we could have much more realistic imagery, like diving into an anthill to get to a different page! We could also replace the goofy 'bloop' sound effects one would find in 00s web with some grass rustling and such. Simple, yet big things. Will we keep the pastel aesthetic, too?! You tell me!

Oh, and this is also the first update where "Changelog.html" has existed. Any earlier updates HAVE been documented elsewhere and I will try to move them here in the future.