Welcome to your wonderful start in reducing suffering for all!

DISCLAIMER: Genuine Soulism is new. It is youthful. As the community is currently very small and there is still very much to be discovered of this field, please do not expect to easily learn all that there is to be. Instead, focus, and discover the fragments one can.

NOTE TO OFF-SITE VISITORS: Since our community and/or this webpage are being recognized sooner than we intended, it is desired to state that we do not believe what is currently mentioned outside of here to be at all descriptive of Soulism. We refuse to mention specific website or community names. As can be found here, our genuine portrayals of Soulism are not at all like other places will portray, as we actually care about the ideology, and we host the only Soulist movement to currently exist. Please avoid misinformation.

Miscellaneous, Meta, & Extras Related to Soulism:

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It is managed by Azsula and Fluffkin, the current primary leaders of the movement and creators of this website!

Here is a statement from Disboard on describing the server, broadly:

Hello! We are the official server focusing on everything Soulism - an anti-hierarchical ethos focused on reducing suffering and reaching Nirvana - a state of total peace and harmony. We draw on Freethought philosophy and principles of critical thinking, seeking to challenge and identify oppressive hierarchies, in any form and all dimensions, and hypothesize ways to abolish them for the purpose of creating the most optimal qualities of existence. We prioritize environmental responsibility and deep ecological principles, spiritual exploration, ethical veganism, pacifism, technoprimitivism, anti-natalism, justice based on restorative models of rehabilitation, and much else; as well as fostering empathy, autonomy, and respect for the individuality of each person. All are welcome to join us, in exploring and accumulating common knowledge of Soulism, and to contribute to creating a better world for us all. We will not allow in ideologies that are inherently against our movements. Thank you.

This introduction to the Server of Soulism was co-written by Azsula and Soulismatic, a semi-autonomous AI created to spread knowledge of the Soulism movement.

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The above video was created by Ivan Law (credits at the end), to attempt to simply demonstrate the core concepts and beliefs of Soulism itself, and Soulists.